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We custom tailor a high-quality home system to your taste and lifestyle

Music and Cinema has been carefully blending technology into some of the most elite home decors’ and businesses in the southeastern United States for over 25 years.

What are custom electronics? They can range from high quality, whole house music and home theater to complete home automation that enables you to easily control everything from music and video projection to lighting, climate, gates, fountains and more. In addition Music and Cinema is also proud to offer Green Technology services ranging from simple vacancy sensors to turn off lights all the way to energy monitoring and demand-response sequencing. To accomplish this Music and Cinema brings extensive knowledge, experience, ethics and most of all, high quality and reliable products so you can have the peace of mind you deserve. Our firm collaborates with you, your architects, designers and builders to integrate the electronics lifestyle that best enhances your home and you. If you would like to know more about our qualifications feel free to ask for more on our experience and training.

Electrical Expertise

We are one of the very few Technology contractor’s that’s qualified AND licensed to perform all low-voltage work, security and electrical systems. Many companies contract out their other services. Not here – we do it all. And there’s a reason why – we are in control of your system’s performance from the design to the wiring through to the installation and programming. Since just about every system is dependent on electrical power, we can be sure your power is delivered properly with the correct wiring paths, high-quality parts, extra power on demand and controlled interactions with all sensitive equipment. You can expect purified, optimized power for the ultimate picture and sound, regardless of system size or budget. Typical electrical contractors aren’t trained in the demands of a high-performance home automation, video, audio or lighting control system. When your system is built correctly right down to the electrical power, it makes a world of difference.

We protect against brownouts, blackouts and surges, both manmade and from nature. You’ll get the peace of mind knowing that your electronics—not to mention home and loved ones—are protected from potentially devastating hazards presented by sub-standard materials and workmanship.

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Our History

The professional staff at Music and Cinema has been serving Tampa Bay’s electronic needs since 1987. Our focus on customer service is our foundation, and we take great pride in maintaining the highest level of service excellence. Our humble beginnings started in 1987 as a premium car stereo purveyor. The company transitioned to the home audio video market when the owner Jeffric Gazlay left the corporate specialty AV chain known as sound advice. the move to small business allowed for an absolute focus on engineering innovation to serve the clients needs and expectations.

In May of 2022, Music and Cinema was purchased by Marine Corps Veteran, Roger Kuns. Roger has 15 years of experience in the low voltage industry as a business owner specializing in electronic security products (Kuns Northcoast Security). We have combined his specialization in the security field with Music and Cinema’s already outstanding knowledge in the audio video market to become a one stop shop for residential and commercial automation, video, audio, and security needs.

Our philosophy is to serve our clients with the most accurate information and up to date product solutions in order to provide for all of your consumer electronics solutions, from entry level to an all out aficionado. Music and Cinema has been carefully blending technology into some of the most elite home decors’ and businesses in the southeastern United States.

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