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Discovery + Budgeting

comfortable house with music and cinema system
Working from a set of your layout and design plans, Music and Cinema will have a discovery meeting with you and your client, asking the proper questions and educating them on the realm of possibilities available today and in the future. From the gathered information we can assemble an estimated budget to help guide them in their decisions. We can also invite you to our offices or several of our client’s homes to view an actual demonstration of working systems as used by owners. We work together with both architect and client in order to provide the most aesthetic and successful solution

Design + Engineering

If a budget has been determined Music and Cinema will produce the design and engineering documents that will guide all teams through the project including but not limited to detailed equipment lists and drawings as required. These will also survive the project as As-Built documentation. On larger projects there is a fee for these services that is incorporated in to the project if Music and Cinema is engaged for the entire scope.

Lighting Plans + Design

Our clients continue to say their Lighting Control Systems are more popular and used significantly more often than their music systems. Music and Cinema works closely with professional lighting designers to provide the design team and clients with engineered whole home lighting plans and eco friendly switch plans for ancillary zones. Pre-programmed lighting scenes provide aesthetics, energy savings, security and convenience as frequently used pathways through the home are illuminated or the whole house turns on or off with a touch of a button. One button control creates dramatic entrances, brilliantly lit but still inviting, the perfect blend of space and intimacy.
comfortable house with music and cinema system

Project Management

A clear, concise understanding between architects, interior designers, engineers, construction professionals, facility managers, and owners is key to completing a successful project. To be on the same page you havens be in the same book, or in the case of a construction project, the same model. That’s why we start with careful drawings and then monitor each step to be sure they are executed with precision. From the first encounters, to weekly meetings, to being available on short notice, we take on the role as your Electronics Project Management team through the entire process. We instruct, coordinate and monitor everything to be sure the job is done right the first time. You’ll be assigned one of our experienced Project Managers who will monitor your project and its subcontractors every step of the way.

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