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music systemMusic and Cinema can design a system that gives you reliable and intuitive control of your audio and video in every room you desire. The level of control, sophistication and quality is up to you. We make everything easy to use with custom-programmed remotes that give you one-touch access to all your entertainment options. With iPhone/iPad, keypad or touchpanel controls in each room, a multi-room music system gives you access to all your favorite tunes, whether they’re stored on your computer or network storage device. We’ll integrate your favorite iTunes and streaming music libraries so they become an integral part of your whole-house system. And you don’t have to sacrifice sound quality, either — today’s new in-wall and on-wall speakers are capable of stunning sound reproduction. You’re now just a swipe away from whatever you want to listen to or watch, wherever and whenever you like.


Visit Music and Cinema to discover the “True Origin of Sound”. We offer a variety of different speaker manufactures to please the ears and application. Speakers are a very personal experience as everyone hears differently and each room has it’s own acoustic properties of sound. Although we carry many brands, our experience has told us that few speaker manufactures offer the broad range that Bowers & Wilkins can provide in performance regardless of budget or aesthetics. Let the experts at Music and Cinema guide you through the almost endless options of loudspeakers and subwoofers to match your room, system components, price and expectations to the perfect speaker for you!

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