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From setting the temperature of the pool to controlling the temperature of the client’s home, environmental controls pay for themselves by matching the desired comfort level with the time of day. Our central lighting and shade control systems are equally as smart. No need to run from room to room setting lights, it’s done through a Music and Cinema control system. Homeowners never come home to a dark home again, and when they’re away from home, the system can create a lived-in look from the outside with automated lighting. Our motorized shade and drapery control systems help the consumer save energy and will protect the homeowner’s interiors from sun-fading by closing automatically whether they’re home or not. Music and Cinema systems can integrate with HVAC, lighting, shades, and pool equipment systems. Set the lights and thermostats to adjust automatically when leaving for work or returning home. Automatically monitor and control electrical devices so the home is always comfortable and using energy in the most efficient manner. Homeowners can monitor the systems or get alerts on a smartphone no matter where they may be in the world.
indoor lighting control and shade control

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